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Spindle and Servo Motor rebuilding for the PCB Industry                                                                                                           Fast, Affordable, and Reliable

  • Competitive Prices
  • OEM Replacement Parts
  • Quick Turn-Around
  • State-of-the-art Balancing and Testing
  • Full 90 day Warranty
  • 50% OFF 1st rebuild
Upon arriving at our facility, your spindles are logged into our database, undergo an incoming inspection, and are completely disassembled. Parts are checked for damage and wear and replaced as needed. Armatures are balanced and tested for runout. If necessary, I.D. grinding is performed to ensure OEM tolerances. Air bearings are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any dirt or debris. Spindles are then carefully reassembled with all new o'rings, seals, washers, and collet. A thorough test is performed and a spindle report is generated with final testing results. Your spindles are then securely packaged for return shipping.

Please call for more information and take advantage of our introductory offer of 1/2 off 1st rebuild

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